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ePhenomane is a value added distributor of wireless networking solutions focused on Middle East and North African markets. Operating in Dubai, the region’s commercial hub, ePhenomena is the ultimate choice for supply of wireless networking solutions. 

Run by a small group of professionals with long history of presence in the MENA information technology and telecom industry, ePhenomena is the ultimate choice for premium equipment suppliers in order to reach the region’s technology thirsty market. 

With the focus on wireless networking filed, clients are confident that the technical knowledge needed for design, implementation and support of such networks can be accessible. ePhenomena is dedicated to maintain the customer satisfaction by constant improvement in its offering.


ePhenomena is dedicated to introduce the highest technologies in its filed by partnership with leading suppliers and by presenting their technology advantages. We:

  • Maintain relationship with a large number of resellers in the region

  • Protect our channel partner using a project registration system

  • Introduce products with the latest online marketing platforms

  • Conduct regular training sessions and partner meetings

  • Provide first level technical support for the products we offer


Our Mission is to use our vast reseller network and our long history of reputable presence in the region, to bridge between the vendors with leading technologies from one side, and the end users in MENA who are need of such technologies on the other side.

We are dedicated to make sure vendors have the level presence in the region deserved by their products. We are also keen to make sure resellers can harvest the best of commercial benefit from their efforts. Total satisfaction of end user achieved by detailed and comprehensive technical support is another key element in our mission.

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