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The ePhenomena vendor portfolio is a strong and carefully selected collection of the world's leading wireless, cloud and security innovators. Each vendor is individually outstanding whilst also able to work together to create a simple, yet sophisticated solutions.


Wireless for Backhaul & Access

Over 15 years of innovation in offering a variety of durable, ruggedized and high performance wireless networking products


Real. Big. Wireless.

One of the latest vendors joining the completion to offer price optimized fast wireless networking solutions with fiber level capacities and unique radio characteristics


Wireless and Security Power Solutions

Power solutions engineered and tailored for video surveillance, wireless networking and ISP installations


Antennas & Accessories

Wireless networking accessories for Ubiquiti, Cambium and Mikrotik along with a unique platform for connecting different radios to different antennas with minimized loss

Radios, Antennas & Acc's

Telecom equipment and accessories designed to combine high performance and cost efficiency. Radios transmitters, antennas, cables assemblies, adapters


Purpose Built Performance

Pairing unparalleled performance with tireless innovation, Cambium Networks connects the unconnected with wireless fabric broadband solutions 


Point to Point Wireless

Fast and reliable links provide backhaul for critical services in city wide or country wide networks. 
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Point to Multi-Point Wireless

Robust solutions providing network services to connect clients or cameras spread in a city or rural area. 
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Outdoor WiFi

Extending WiFi coverage to outdoor areas like parks and resorts with devices engineered outdoor RF challenges. 
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Indoor WiFi

Coverage for the growing demand in Mobile First world of future with lots Of BYOD applications. 
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Video Surveillance

Monitoring using cameras on IP network anywhere in the city. We offer design with leading brands. 
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Microwave & Millimeter waves

Capacity and distances beyond the unlicensed band capabilities with high availability solutions. 
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Focused on wireless networking and located in Middle East business hob, ePhenomena is dedicated to bridge between the technology thirsty region and the industry leading manufacturers.

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