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In partnership with wireless and microwave communications industry leaders, ePhenomena offers it partners a complete range of pioneering products addressing the market needs for different digital communications and security solutions.


Point to Point Wireless

Wireless networking by utilising two radios with two directional antennas pointing to each other


Point to Multi-Point Wireless

Wireless connectivity by connecting a number of Station Units to a Base Station. Base stations cover an area by sectoral or omni-directional antennas


Outdoor WiFi

WiFi Coverage for an outdoor area considering the differences of radio characteristics of outdoor reflections and multi-path effects


Indoor WiFi

High density, high capacity enterprise WiFI in large premises with detailed control on user access and security


Video Surveillance

Cameras, storage and transmission devices with superior performance and features for mission critical applications in an ever expanding demand for sophisticated video surveillance


Microwave & Millimeter waves

High capacity, high availability radio links in long distances using licensed frequencies from 7 to 86 GHz

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